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How to obtain an Object Identifier


For private data QSIG (PSS1) requires that " Manufacturer specific (or standard) extensions shall be uniquely identified using Object identifiers issued by Ecma according to ISO 6523". How do I get such an Object identifier?


If your company is a member of Ecma then your company will have the ability to define its own Object Identifiers (OIDs) as a member branch of the Ecma node on the registration tree. This service is free of charge for Ecma member companies. Please contact the Ecma Secretariat for further information.

If your company is not a member of Ecma then it must be requested by first contacting the Registration Authority (RA) authorised by ISO for ISO 6523. From the "Maintenance agencies and registration authorities Link to non-Ecma site. Ecma is not responsible for the contents of the site." list the RA for ISO 6523 is:

c/o British Standards Institution
389 Chiswick High Road
London W4 4AL
United Kingdom
Tel +44 20 89 96 71 65
Fax +44 20 89 96 71 98
e-mail: Link to non-Ecma site. Ecma is not responsible for the contents of the site.

The application for registration of your company to create OIDs will need to include the company name, postal address and other contact details including the name of an employee who will serve as point of contact, and a proposed "nameform" (i.e., the string identifying the company in the ASN.1 notation of their protocol extensions). The registration authority might need a sponsor, generally a national organisation. The registration authority will either accept the company for registration and provide a "numberform" (the corresponding numeric value), ask for more information, or reject it.

Once registered your company becomes responsible for issuing OIDs under their own naming node.

The need to check that an identifier does not already exist within the company cannot be stressed too much.

The authority may charge "a reasonable fee" for this service.

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