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TC38-TG4 - Proxying Support for Sleep Modes (formerly TC32-TG21)

Scope - Programme of work - Activities


Network proxying of ICT devices to reduce energy consumption.

Programme of work:

  1. To develop Standards and Technical Reports for network proxying; a proxy is an entity that maintains network presence for a sleeping higher-power ICT device.

  2. To specify:
    • the protocols that network proxies must handle to maintain connectivity while hosts are asleep;
    • the proxy behaviour including ignoring packets, generating packets and waking up  host systems; and
    • the information exchanged between hosts and proxies.

  3. To maintain their published work; and
  4. To liaise and co-operate with other standards organisations.

Mr. B. Nordman (LBNL)
Ms. J. Auber (Ecma International)