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TC38-TG7 - Business Video Conferencing

Scope - Programme of work - Activities


Business Video Conferencing (BVC) is a video conference with multi-locations, by interconnecting multi-vendor’s and multi-system-range (from legacy to latest) video conference systems efficiently to promote use of video conferencing on business.
This BVC aims to promote use of video conference systems, and eventually to contribute reduction of CO2 emitted by transport systems.

Programme of work:

The goal of this TC38-TG7 is to develop specifications for the BVC. The TG7 will discuss to:

  1. determine end-user’s requirements for promoting video conferencing;
  2. determine BVC architecture to realize the end-user’s requirements;
  3. determine specifications for implementing the BVC architecture;
  4. and report items to be standardized (International Standards).

Note: Specifications produced by the TG7 will be reviewed from the point of view of (a) qualifying and quantifying the environmental impacts and effects and (b) harmonizing with relevant SDO’s standards.


Ms. J. Auber (Ecma International)