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TC38-TG1 - Chemical Emissions

Scope - Programme of work - TC38

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In TG1, experts from the BAM, WKI, JBMIA and Ecma collaborate to harmonise methods to determine the Fine Particle (FP) and Ultrafine Particle (UFP) emissions from hard copy devices. As a result the final draft 5th edition of ECMA-328 is presented to Ecma for voting and will be submitted   to JTC 1 for fast-track after positive voting. The described test methods are aligned with “Test method for the determination of emissions from Hard Copy Devices” (RAL-UZ 122). In addition the 5th edition fixes some errors that has been reported by SC 28


  • Develop a determination for Ultra Fine Particulates
  • Coordinate future revisions of ISO/IEC 28360
  • Maintain liaisons to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 28, IEC/TC 108 and IEC TC 111
  • Contribute to IEC 62368 especially clause 8 / chemical hazards through Ecma’s category A liaison with IEC TC 108
  • Collaborate with ISO/TC 146 SC 6 “Indoor air”
  • Share and evaluate indoor air related media coverage with respect to IT/CE equipment
  • Develop models for indoor air health assessments
  • Share actual findings on research in indoor air chemistry and particulate matter
  • Observing actual developments in indoor air measurement technology

ECMA-328 development history

Ecma submitted the 2nd edition of ECMA-328 to ISO/IEC JTC 1’s fast track approval process. ISO and IEC approved it in March 2007 as ISO/IEC 28360 “Determination of Chemical Emission Rates from Electronic Products”.

Ecma approved the 4th edition of ECMA-328, which is fully aligned with the 1st edition of ISO/IEC 28360, in their General Assembly in December 2009.


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