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TC39 - Ecma International Policy on Submission, Inclusion and Licensing of Software

Experimental TC39 Policy

This Ecma International Policy on Submission, Inclusion and Licensing of Software (“Policy”) is being implemented on an experimental basis to address specific issues which have arisen and are arising in TC39.


The purpose of this Policy is to provide guidance, rules and procedures relating to the submission, inclusion and licensing of Software that is proposed to be part of an Ecma International Standard. Software in standards may require different copyright licenses than descriptive text in standards.  Ecma International owns and licenses the copyright in its Standards via the Ecma International Copyright Disclaimer (“Copyright Disclaimer”).  While the Copyright Disclaimer permits anyone to copy a Standard, it does not permit others to modify the Standard (except in limited circumstances) or extract portions of the Standard.  Therefore, if a Standard includes software alone or in combination with descriptive text, the permissions granted by the Copyright Disclaimer may be inadequate. For example, the Copyright Disclaimer does not include a grant which would allow the copying and modification of example software from the remainder of a Standard in order to run the example on an actual implementation of the Standard.  

You may download:

You may also download the previous policy (valid from June 2010 until June 2012) here.


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