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TC48-TG1 - TV White Spaces

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TV White Spaces

Ecma TC48-TG1 has developed the First Cognitive Radio Networking Standard for Personal/Portable Devices in TV White Spaces that comprises Physical (PHY) and Medium Access Control (MAC) layers including a protocol and mechanisms for coexistence for publication by the end of 2009. The standard was published end of 2009 as ECMA-392.

Open review

Ecma invites experts from ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 06 and CogNeA to review the “MAC & PHY for Operation in TV White Space” standard and to provide comments. After registration, the experts can issue technical comments following this procedure that is part of JTC 1’s Fast Track approval procedure, see also this white paper.

TC48-TG1 started developing the high-speed wireless networking standard for use in the Television White Spaces based on Cognitive Radio technology. Cognitive Radio technology determines the spectrum that is not being used by a licensed service at a certain location which defines the TV White Spaces. The standard will include coexistence mechanisms for compliance with regulatory rules that the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) published.

The wireless networking standard will serve a broad range of applications, including internet access for communities and in-home High Definition Multi-Media networking and distribution. It provides consumers with powerful networking solutions that take advantage of the excellent propagation characteristics of Television UHF (Ultra High Frequency) bands--superior wall penetration, extended range and improved coverage -- to yield cost effective networking solutions, both indoors and outdoors.


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