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What is Ecma International

Ecma International is an industry association founded in 1961 and dedicated to the standardization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Systems. History

The aims of Ecma are:

  • To develop, in co-operation with the appropriate National, European and International organizations Standards and Technical Reports in order to facilitate and standardize the use of ICT systems.
  • To encourage the correct use of Standards by influencing the environment in which they are applied.
  • To publish these Standards and Technical Reports in electronic and printed form; the publications can be freely copied by all interested parties without restrictions.

For over forty years Ecma has actively contributed to world-wide standardization in information technology and telecommunications. More than 335 Ecma Standards and 85 Technical Reports of high quality have been published, more than 40% of which have also been adopted as International Standards.

The structure of Ecma is a simple, flat one: the technical work is done by the Technical Committees, and the results of this work can be submitted twice a year to the General Assembly for approval for publication.

The Ecma procedures consist of a set of By-laws, Rules and a Code of Conduct in Patent Matters.

Four categories of members assure a wide participation of the industry and interested organizations in the work of Ecma.

Joining Ecma is easy.

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