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TC32-TG17 - IP-based Multimedia Business Communications

Scope - Programme of work - Activities


To develop Standards and Technical Reports for IP-based multimedia communications in a business environment.

Programme of work:

  1. To identify requirements for IP-based multimedia communication in a corporate network environment, including architectural, addressing, mobility, service, protocol, interworking, QoS, security and management aspects.
  2. To co-operate with the responsible Task Groups, Technical Committees and other standardization bodies in order to achieve where necessary Standards or Technical Reports in these areas.
  3. To adapt, where necessary, existing standards for narrowband and broadband PISNs to the requirements of IP-based multimedia communication in a business environment.
  4. To develop, where necessary, standards for IP-based interoperation of corporate networks with other networks.
  5. To promote a worldwide unique set of standards for IP-related multimedia communication in a business environment.
  6. To co-ordinate liaison on related matters with ITU-T, ETSI, TIA, IETF, IMTC, and ISO/IEC JTC1.
  7. To monitor, and contribute to, related work in other bodies.

Istvan Sebestyen (Ecma International)

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