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The Ecma archive contain the scanned copies of all available withdrawn Ecma Technical Reports.

Ecma TR Technical Report's Description
  TR "ECMA light transmission meter" is available here
ECMA TR/1 A Set of I/O Procedures for ECMALGOL (January 1967 - SCOPE)

Formal Definition of the Syntax of COBOL (September 1970 - SCOPE)

NB: the formal definition of the syntax of COBOL is available here and the COBOL translations are available here

ECMA TR/3 Continuous Sprocket Punched Stationery Part II (Physical Properties, Fastenings, Packaging and Storage) (March 1972 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/4 Continuous Stationery in Roll Form (June 1972 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/5 Suggestions for a Disk Labelling System (June 1972 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/6 Recommended Sizes of Forms for Optical Reading (June 1972 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/7 Continuous Sprocket-Punched Stationery Part I (Recommended Sizes) (December 1973 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/8 Recommended OCR Paper Specifications, 2nd edition (January 1977 - SCOPE)

Safety Requirements for Data Processing Equipment (January 1978 - SCOPE)

NB: a draft focused on fire protection, physical safety and chemical safety released in March 1972 is available here

ECMA TR/10 Listing of Software Names, 2nd edition (March 1982 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/11 Guidelines for Magnetic Tape Handling and Storage (January 1981 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/12 Radio Interference from DP/OE Limits and Measurement Methods (September 1982 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/13 Network Layer Principles (September 1982 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/14 Local Area Networks - Layers 1 to 4 Architecture and Protocols (September 1982 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/15 Analysis of European X.25 Networks (September 1983 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/16 Interface Characteristics for a DTE to Operate with European Rec.X.25 Networks (September 1983 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/17 Permission to Connect - PTT Requirements for Obtaining Approval to Connect Apparatus to the Network (September 1983 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/19 Local Area Networks - Safety Requirements (March 1984 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/20 Layer 4 to 1 Addressing (March 1984 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/21 Local Area Networks - Interworking Units for Distributed Systems (March 1984 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/22 Ergonomics - Recommendations for VDU Work Places (March 1984 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/23 Electrostatic Discharge Susceptibility (September 1984)
ECMA TR/24 Interface between Data Processing Equipment and Private Automatic Branch Exchange (March 1985 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/25 OSI Sub-Network Interconnection Scenarios Permitted within the Framework of the ISO-OSI Reference Model (March 1985 - SCOPE)

Planning and Installation Guide for CSMA/CD 10 MBit/s Baseband Local Area Networks, 2nd edition (June 1990 - SCOPE)

NB: the 1st edition (March 1985 - SCOPE) is available here

ECMA TR/28 Safety Verification (Save) Report ECMA-57/IEC 435 (September 1985 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/29 Open Systems Interconnection Distributed Interactive Processing Environment (DIPE) (September 1985 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/30 Remote Database Access Service and Protocol (December 1985 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/31 Remote Operations - Concepts, Notation and Connection-Oriented Mappings (December 1985 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/32 OSI Directory Access Service and Protocol (December 1985 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/34 Maintenance at the Interface Between Data Processing Equipment and Private Switching Network (June 1986 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/35 Particular Safety Requirements for Equipment to be Connected to Telecommunication Networks (December 1986 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/37 Framework for OSI Management (December 1986 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/38 End System Routing (December 1986 - SCOPE)

Compliance Verification (COVER) Report, 3rd edition (December 1992 - SCOPE)

NB: the 2nd edition (December 1988 - SCOPE) is available here

ECMA TR/40 Electrostatic Discharge Immunity Testing of Information Technology Equipment (July 1987 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/41 ODA - Document Specification Language (July 1987 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/42 Framework for Distributed Office Application (July 1987 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/43 Packetized Data Transfer in Private Switching Networks (December 1987 - SCOPE)

An Architectural Framework for Private Networks, 2nd edition (December 1989 - SCOPE)

NB: the 1st edition (December 1987 - SCOPE) is available here

ECMA TR/45 Information Interchange for Remote Maintenance at the DPE-to-PSN Interface (December 1987 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/47 Configuration Management Service Definition (July 1988 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/48 Study of the Translation of the ODA Formatted Form into Page Description Languages (December 1988 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/49 Support Environment for Open Distributed Processing (December 1989 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/50 Inter-Domain Intermediate System Routeing (December 1989 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/51 Requirements for Access to Integrated Voice and Data Local and Metropolitan Area Networks (June 1990 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/52 Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (June 1990 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/54 A Management Framework for Private Telecommunication Networks (December 1990 - SCOPE)
ECMA TR/56 Information Technology Equipment - Recommended Measuring Method for Ozone Emission (June 1991)
ECMA TR/60 Supplementary Services and Additional Network Features in Private Telecommunication Networks (June 1992)

Alphabetical Reference Index to IEC 950, 3rd edition (December 1995 - SCOPE)

NB: the 1st edition (December 1993 - SCOPE) is available here

ECMA TR/65 PTNX Functions for the Utilization of Intervening Networks in the Provision of Overlay Scenarios (Transparent Approach) - General Requirements (TR/Mapping) (June 1994)
ECMA TR/89 Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) - Common Generics, 2nd edition (June 2006)


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