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Office Open XML file formats

5th edition, December 2016

This Standard defines Office Open XML’s vocabularies and document representation and packaging. It also specifies requirements for consumers and producers of Office Open XML. ECMA-376 contains 5 parts but only parts 1, 3 and 4 have been adopted in the last edition of the Standard.


An Office Open XML overview is available on the Ecma website.

Download part 1 Download part 3 Download part 4


CategoryDocument architecture

SubcategoryNot available

Technical CommitteeTC45

ISO/IEC number29500


  • ECMA-376, 1st edition, December 2006Download
  • ECMA-376, 2nd edition, December 2008Download
  • ECMA-376, 3rd edition, June 2011Download
  • ECMA-376, 4th edition, December 2012Download