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Ecma formal publications (free download)

Two types of formal publications are prepared by Ecma:

The Ecma archive which contains the scanned copies of all withdrawn Ecma Standards is available here and the one which contains the scanned copies of all withdrawn Ecma Technical Reports is available here.

The Ecma International policies are available here.

The Ecma list of patent statements is available here.

The Ecma annual Mementos (Ecma annual reports from 1962 until now) containing information about the Ecma structure at that time, its membership, activities, technical publications, legal texts and so on are also available here.

A Standard or a Technical Report is a formal document prepared by an Ecma Technical Committee and approved by the Ecma General Assembly. A majority of at least two-thirds of all the ordinary members is required for approval.

Since 2013 Ecma International regularly grants "Ecma recognition awards" to standardization experts - generally Editors or Technical Committee Chairpersons; the list of these awarded experts can be found here. Since 2018 we have started to grant Ecma Fellow awards to Ecma individuals who have served Ecma for a long time in an exceptionally outstanding fashion; the list of these Ecma Fellows is available here.

Ecma International often submits its Standards to ISO/IEC JTC 1's fast track approval procedure which adheres to the WTO TBT guidelines.

Ecma Standards and Technical Reports are made available as download to all interested persons or organizations, free of charge in PDF format (to obtain a PDF reader, go to e.g. the Adobe webpage or to a free software PDF reader). All Ecma Standards and Technical Reports are covered by the Ecma copyright notice.


The liability and responsibility for the implementation of an Ecma Standard rests with the implementor, and not with Ecma.

However, implementors might want to consult the Ecma "Code of conduct in patent matters". Whenever Ecma International receives a Patent declaration, this one is stored next to the relevant standard to be downloaded.

Ecma officially approves and publishes its Standards and Technical Reports in English. For convenience, translations into other languages are sometimes provided by external sources, however without control and maintenance by Ecma International.

Should a conflict arise between the original English version and a translation of an Ecma publication, the English version always takes preference over the translation.

How to obtain Ecma publications on CD-ROM

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