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Standard ECMA-370


5th edition (June 2015), change history

This Standard specifies environmental attributes and measurement methods for ICT and CE products according to known regulations, standards, guidelines and currently accepted practices. The Standard is also applicable to products used as subassemblies, components, accessories and/or optional parts.

The standard addresses company programs and product related attributes, however not manufacturing processes and logistic aspects. Although the declaration templates as defined in annexes A, B1 and B2 are optimized for application in the European Union, this Standard is intended for global use. Additional annexes may be added for other regions.

The annexes cover the following items:

Company environmental profile (Annex A)
The company environmental profile is split into legal and market requirements such as:

  • recycling system participations;
  • environmental policy and environmental management systems.

Product environmental attributes (Annex B1 and B2)
The Product environmental attributes are split into legal and market requirements on:

  • hazardous substances and preparations;
  • batteries;
  • safety and EMC;
  • consumable materials;
  • packaging materials;
  • treatment information;
  • environmental conscious design (such as disassembly, recycling, product lifetime);
  • power consumption;
  • emissions;
  • ergonomics;
  • documentation.

Annex B1 is intended for Imaging Equipment and Annex B2 for computers and computer monitors where an attribute that does not apply for a certain product ca-tegory has been removed from that Annex.

Based on frequently asked questions for customers, some product attributes such as safety, EMC and ergonomics have been included although they are not considered environmental matters.

The declarations as defined in Annex A and B1 and B2 are optimized for application in the European Union.

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Feedback on the proper usage of TED (ECMA-370).

For certain complex attributes, new guidance documents have been developed with two purposes, firstly to guide the user of the declaration to understand the attribute, ensure that the correct test methods are used and that correct information is entered in the declaration. The second aim is to ensure that the reader of the declaration understands the information and that it’s used correctly when comparing product attributes. Guidance documents are currently available for: acoustic noise, energy efficiency, chemical emissions, chemical substances, but others can be added in the future.

The guidance documents are linked from the declarations to:

NOTE 1       The Guidance documents are not part of the ECMA-370 Standard and can be amended without any prior notification.

NOTE 2       To ensure that declarations are issued in line with the ECMA-370 Standard, there is a new possibility to submit comments to Ecma about issued declarations like mandatory information might be missing or seems to be incorrect:

Copy these file(s), free of charge:

File name Size (Bytes) Content
ECMA-370.pdf 540 404 Acrobat (r) PDF file
ECMA-370-Annex-A 387 584 word DOC file
ECMA-370-Annex-B1 674 304 word DOC file
ECMA-370-Annex-B2 628 224 word DOC file
ECMA-370 – Guidance – Acoustic noise 56 320 word DOC file
ECMA-370 – Guidance – Energy efficiency – Computers and computers monitors 37 888 word DOC file
ECMA-370 – Guidance – Energy efficiency – Imaging equipment 29 184 word DOC file
ECMA-370 – Guidance – Chemical emissions 35 840 word DOC file
ECMA-370 – Guidance – Chemical substances 41 984 word DOC file

The previous replaced "historical" editions of this Ecma Standard are available here.


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