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Ecma Technical Reports

An index of Ecma technical reports is also available.

This list also contains - if relevant and available - the previous editions of the respective Ecma Technical Reports. When a new edition of an Ecma Technical Report is issued, the old editions are automatically withdrawn (unless otherwise stated).

In the third column of the table below you will find:
- the ISO/IEC equivalent to the Ecma Technical Report which can be downloaded as freely available document from ISO/IEC Link to non-Ecma site. Ecma is not responsible for the contents of the site. . Those ISO/IEC documents which are not freely available are marked with an *.
- the ETSI equivalent deliverables to the Ecma Technical Report which can be downloaded as limitedly freely available publication from ETSI Link to non-Ecma site. Ecma is not responsible for the contents of the site..

Ecma TR Technical Report's Description ISO/IEC and/or ETSI Number
ECMA TR/18 The Meaning of Conformance to Standards (September 1983)  
ECMA TR/27 Method for the Prediction of Installation Noise Levels, 2nd edition (June 1995)  
ECMA TR/36 Guidelines on Additional Parameters Recommended for Procurement Specifications for 12,7 mm Magnetic Tapes (December 1986)  
ECMA TR/46 Security in Open Systems - A Security Framework (July 1988)  
ECMA TR/53 Handling of Bi-directional Texts, 2nd edition (June 1992)  
ECMA TR/55 Reference Model for Frameworks of Software Engineering Environments, 3rd edition (June 1993)  
ECMA TR/57 Private Integrated Services Networks, 2nd edition (June 1999) ETSI EG 201 463
ECMA TR/58 Databases and Networking (June 1992)  
ECMA TR/59 Object-Oriented Databases (June 1992)  
ECMA TR/61 User Interface Taxonomy (June 1992)  
ECMA TR/62 Product Noise Emission of Computer and Business Equipment (June 1993)  
ECMA TR/64 Secure Information Processing versus the Context of Product Evaluation (December 1993)  
ECMA TR/66 Mapping of PCTE to the Ecma/NIST Frameworks Reference Model (June 1994)  
ECMA TR/67 Compendium of PTN Management Services (December 1994) ETSI ETR 245
ECMA TR/68 Scenarios for Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (CSTA) Phase II (December 1994)  
ECMA TR/69 Reference Model for Project Support Environments (December 1994)  
ECMA TR/70 Ecma Product-related Environmental Declaration. Ecma harmonised ECMA TR/70 3rd edition with the IT-ECO declaration into ECMA-370.  
ECMA TR/71 DVD Read-Only Disk - File System Specifications (February 1998)  
ECMA TR/72 Glossary of Definitions and Terminology for Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (CSTA) Phase III, 3rd edition (June 2000) ISO/IEC TR 18053
ECMA TR/73 H.323 / B-ISDN Signalling Interoperability (December 1998)  
ECMA TR/74 A Guide to the Application of the EMC Directive to ITE (June 1999)  
ECMA TR/75 Corporate Telecommunication Networks (CN) - Standardization Plan, 2nd edition (June 2000) ETSI EG 201 017
ECMA TR/76 Private Integrated Services Networks (PISN) - Architecture and Scenarios for Private Integrated Services Networking (December 1999) ISO/IEC TR 14475
ECMA TR/77 Telephony System with Integrated Internet Access - Overview (December 1999)  
ECMA TR/78 Ecma Protection Profile - E-COFC Public Business Class (December 1999)  
ECMA TR/79 Private Integrated Services Networks (PISN) - Wireless Terminal Mobility (WTM) - WTM between networks - Requirements (February 2000)  
ECMA TR/80 Migrating to CSTA Phase III (June 2000)  
ECMA TR/81 Interoperation of PISNs with IP Networks (September 2000) ISO/IEC TR 21890
ETSI TR 101 913
ECMA TR/82 Scenarios for Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (CSTA) Phase III, 2nd edition (June 2009)  
ECMA TR/83 One Standard - One Test, Supplier's Declaration of Conformity (11SDoC) - Scorecard objectives and concept (June 2001)  
ECMA TR/84 Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) - Information Derived from Partition IV XML File, 6th edition (June 2012) ISO/IEC TR
ECMA TR/85 Using ECMA-323 (CSTA XML) in a Voice Browser Environment (December 2002) ISO/IEC TR 18057
ETSI TR 102 171

ECMA TR/86 Corporate Telecommunication Networks - User Identification in a SIP/QSIG Environment (December 2003) ETSI EG 202 303
ECMA TR/87 Using CSTA for SIP Phone User Agents (uaCSTA) (June 2004) ISO/IEC
TR 22767
ETSI TR 102 348
ECMA TR/88 Designing an Object Model for ECMA-269 (CSTA) (June 2004)  
ECMA TR/90 Session Management, Event Notification, and Computing Function Services - Amendments for ECMA-348 (December 2005)  
ECMA TR/91 Enterprise Communication in Next Generation Corporate Networks (NGCN) involving Public Next Generation Networks (NGN) (December 2005) ISO/IEC
TR 26905
ETSI TR 102 478
ECMA TR/92 Corporate Telecommunication Networks – Mobility for Enterprise Communications, 2nd edition (December 2010) ISO/IEC
TR 26927
ETSI TR 102 477
ECMA TR/93 Measuring Emissions from Modules (December 2007)  
ECMA TR/94 Assessment of the Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields for Low Power Electronic and Electrical Apparatus according to EN 50371:2002 (December 2007)  
ECMA TR/95 Next Generation Corporate Networks (NGCN) - General (June 2008)

ISO/IEC TR 12860
ETSI TR 102 633

ECMA TR/96 Next Generation Corporate Networks (NGCN) - Identification and Routing (June 2008) ISO/IEC TR 12861
ETSI TR 102 634
ECMA TR/97 Guide for Assessment of Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields from Multimedia Products in accordance with IEC/EN 62311 (June 2009)  
ECMA TR/98 JPEG File Interchange Format (JFIF) (June 2009)  
ECMA TR/99 Constant Sound Power Fan Curves for Small Air-moving Devices, 2nd edition (December 2010)  
ECMA TR/100 Next Generation Corporate Networks (NGCN) - Security of Session-based Communications (December 2009) ISO/IEC TR 16166
ECMA TR/101 Next Generation Corporate Networks (NGCN) - Emergency Calls, 2nd edition (December 2010) ISO/IEC TR 16167
ECMA TR/102 Personal Networks – Overview and Standardization Needs (December 2010)  
ECMA TR/103 Business Trunking - NGCN-NGN Interfaces Implementation Guide (June 2011) ETSI TR 183 069
ECMA TR/104 ECMAScript® Test Suite, 2nd edition (December 2016)  
ECMA TR/105 A Shaped Noise File Representative of Speech (December 2012)  
ECMA TR/106 Guidance and Comparison between 60950-1 and 62368-1 (February 2013)  
ECMA TR/107 An optional alternate background noise correction sensitive to the steadiness of background noise, 3rd edition (December 2017)  


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