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Environmental declarations

  • Developing the Eco Declaration (TED) standard ECMA-370 for broad usage beyond EU with focus on green public procurement.
  • Current focus on revision of 5th edition of TED (June 2015) to align with changes in European Directives and with any new requirement identified by Ecma members

Presentation of ECMA-370 at INTERNOISE 2010 in Lisbon from past Vice-Convenor Mr. Wendschlag.

Market supply and demand

At least 15 International companies issue ECMA-370 declaration for their products on a regular basis. Every year there are hundreds of instances where customers request ECMA-370 declarations as part of their tendering process. For instance, the UK based Office of Government Commerce, OGC, requires ECMA-370 declarations and has selected compliance to certain criteria as a condition for products to be sold to the UK Public sector.