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Near Field Communications

Close Capacitive Coupling Communication

The 2011 December General Assembly approved the 1st edition of the CCCC PHY standard which has been approved as ISO/IEC 17982, also see the CCCC Explanatory leaflet.

Open-NFC invitation for comments

Ecma invites experts from ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 06, SC 17, SC 27 and SC 31, ETSI/SCP and the NFC forum to review and provide comments on publications. In addition to comments on published documents the above are also invited to provide advance comments on final drafts that are candidates for submission to JTC 1’s fast-track approval procedure, after experts register, they are able to issue, discuss their technical comments using this procedure. For any other editorial corrections, comments and suggestions please use the contact form at the top of this page.

NFC-Security standards

Ecma published the NFC Security “Protocol and Services” and the “Cryptography Standard using ECDH and AES”, see also the NFC-SEC whitepaper and presentation. ISO/IEC published the standards as ISO/IEC 13157-1 and -2.

The June 2015 GA published the 2nd editions of “Cryptography Standard using ECDH-256 and AES-GCM”, NFC-SEC Entity Authentication and Key Agreement using “Asymmetric Cryptography” and “Symmetric Cryptography” as ECMA-409, ECMA-410, ECMA-411, respectively and approved them for submission to JTC 1´s fast-track procedure.

The December 2016 GA published the 1st edition of “NFC-SEC Test Methods” as ECMA-415. This 1st Edition  specifies the definitions, rules and methods for the NFC-SEC-TEST standard and the necessary test apparatus.

NFC Standards

See the protocol arrangement for the NFC subjects.

NFCIP Test Standards

The June 2013 GA published test standard for NFCIP-2 as ECMA-403 and ISO/IEC JTC 1 adopted it as ISO/IEC 19369.