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Near Field Communications

Close Capacitive Coupling Communication

The 2011 December General Assembly approved the 1st edition of the CCCC PHY standard which has been approved as ISO/IEC 17982, also see the CCCC Explanatory leaflet.

NFC-Security standards

Ecma published the NFC Security “Protocol and Services” and the “Cryptography Standard using ECDH and AES”, see also the NFC-SEC whitepaper and presentation. ISO/IEC published the standards as ISO/IEC 13157-1 and -2.

The June 2015 GA published the 2nd editions of “Cryptography Standard using ECDH-256 and AES-GCM”, NFC-SEC Entity Authentication and Key Agreement using “Asymmetric Cryptography” and “Symmetric Cryptography” as ECMA-409, ECMA-410, ECMA-411, respectively and approved them for submission to JTC 1´s fast-track procedure.

The December 2016 GA published the 1st edition of “NFC-SEC Test Methods” as ECMA-415. This 1st Edition  specifies the definitions, rules and methods for the NFC-SEC-TEST standard and the necessary test apparatus.

NFC Standards

See the protocol arrangement for the NFC subjects.

Publications that were originally developed by TC47 were transferred to TC51-TG1.

NFCIP Test Standards

The June 2013 GA published test standard for NFCIP-2 as ECMA-403 and ISO/IEC JTC 1 adopted it as ISO/IEC 19369.