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Upcoming meetings
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  • 15 - 16 June 2022TC26 meetingLexington (KY), USA

Items of interest and recent work

Please find below 3 video clips made during the TC26 meeting in Portland (23-24 July 2011); the first one is an interview of Dr. Robert Lotz (former TC26 Chair), the second one is an interview of Dr. E. K. Dunens (former TC26 Chair) and the third one is an overview of the meeting place.

The changes in the Ecma standards for measurement of noise from IT products were discussed at the Inter-Noise 2009 in Ottawa and were summarized in a paper available here.

ECMA-74: A TC26 sub-committee is working on a proposal to modify the prominent tone detection procedures for low-noise devices. A proposal has been made to add a digital video recorder category to Annex C. Also the need for a new category in Annex C for Ultra Mobile PC’s was discussed at the last TC26 meeting. It was agreed that the definition for Ultra Mobile PCs (hand-held) would exclude small notebook PCs. These proposals to ECMA-74 will be discussed at the next TC26 meeting. Part of the revision of ECMA-74 involves new printer test patterns. These new print patterns (as pdf files) are publicly accessible if you click here for the mono pattern and here for the colour pattern. An overview describing some of the proposed changes in ECMA-74 10th edition was presented at Inter-Noise 2008 in Shanghai in October 2008 and is available here.

Draft Amendments to ISO 7779 were balloted that will incorporate ECMA-74 Annex B and D. In addition ISO/CD 7779 will reference ECMA-74 Annex C for product categories and operating modes, meaning that ISO 7779 can be more current by referencing the faster modifiable ECMA-74 Annex C.

Ecma TC26 maintained close liaison with Ecma TC38 and other Ecma activities. The Ecma TC26 Vice-Chairman presented a paper promoting the use of ECMA-370 – TED at Inter-Noise 2006 in Honolulu that was co-authored with two members of Ecma TC38 (Mr. Weeren and Mr. Wendschlag).

Ecma TC26 provided comments to IEC TC108 on IEC/CD 62368 (108-211-CD and 108-214-CD) on audio output requirements.

Ecma TC26 maintained close liaison with ITI TC6 and ISO TC43/SC1/WG 23 to ensure harmonization of standards and to influence those that would adversely affect Ecma members. Ecma TC26 held joint meetings with ITI TC6 in December, 2006 in Honolulu. Ecma TC26 will continue cooperating with these committees. Ecma TC26 and ITI TC6 submitted joint comments to the EITCA on the EU Draft Green Procurement document.