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Information storage

Upcoming meetings
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  • 09 December 2022TC31 129th meetingTokyo, Japan

In December 2021, ECMA-420 was published. The standard specifies device interface information and requirements for high-speed image retrieval and collation using holographic optical correlation based on shift-multiplex recording of coaxial holography.

In 2019, a 4th edition of ECMA-119 was published. The standard specifies the volume and file structure of compact read only optical disks (CD-ROM) for the interchange of information between users of information processing systems and the 4th edition incorporates, in Annex C, a description of the Joliet specification, which defines an extended volume space.

TC31 has several projects in development which include a standard on a quality discrimination method and operating method of storage systems for long-term data preservation. The standard will enable to build data storage systems using optical disks for storing and accumulating important digital information safely and on a permanent basis. TC31 also plans to develop a standard defining a holographic data storage system with a capacity of 1000 Gbytes per disk, which will enable building long-term data preservation storage systems with features such as high capacity, long-term reliability and lower operational costs.

Standardization of Optical Disks and Disk Cartriges since 1984 by Ecma.

CD and DVD standardization in Ecma by P. Weijenbergh, TC31 Chairman. The audio file is available below.